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Solar Energy Production System in Makawanpur District  
Submitted Date: 2011-04-13, 05:11 pm Submitted by: PPDD

Date: March 2011

Solar Energy Production System in Makawanpur District

Himalayan Bank Limited in collaboration with Winrock International, Alternative Energy Promotion Center and Janachetana Commercial Agriculture Alliance has recently launched solar energy production system in the highly deprived Chepang community residing in the Silinge, Kakada VDC, Ward No.1 of Makawanpur district. At this phase, 44 houses would be able to receive the benefit of this service.

Mr. Ashoke SJB Rana, Chief Executive Officer of Himalayan Bank Limited recently inaugurated the solar energy powered lighting system in Silinge.

The solar energy would enable the Chepang community residing in this area to light their home, use radio/ F.M service, and charge their mobile phones. They can even use the solar energy for commercial purpose such as making bee hives. Children residing in this area are delighted to use the lights empowered with solar energy for studying and doing their home assignments in the evening and night time. The solar energy powered lights are likely to save money & improve the health condition of Chepang community as they will be able to replace kerosene with solar energy for lighting their homes.

Mr. Rana is confident that the financial institutions entering into Kakada will surely make their investment in the field of solar energy. The Chepang community is certain about the benefits they would receive from the solar powered energy production system.

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