Monday,July 27,2020

Looking at the current situation of the country, Himalayan Bank Limited has launched “BISHESH SARAL SAHAJ KARJA YOJANA” which includes six types of Loan schemes at the rate of 8.49% and five types of Loan schemes at the rate of 9.89%.

Under this Loan scheme, customers can avail SME Loan, Home Loan, Auto Loan, Education Loan and Small and Medium Commercial Complex Financing at the rate of 8.49% p.a. Similarly, customers can enjoy Loan against Share, Education Institution Financing, Small Personal Business Loan, Subidha Loan and Secured Personal Mortgage Loan at the rate of 9.89% p.a. Apart from these, customers can also apply for Hire-Purchase Loan for commercial vehicle at the rate of 10.39% p.a. Under SME scheme, customer can apply for minimum Rs. 5 Lakhs to maximum Rs. 6 Crores for the duration of 10 years. Similarly, the loan limit of Home Loan has been set to Rs. 1 Crore. This loan can be utilized to build a house or to purchase land and building depending upon the customer’s need. Also with the purpose of financially assisting the students willing to study in and out of country, the Bank has introduced Education Loan.

The main attraction of “BISHESH SARAL SAHAJ KARJA YOJANA” is that the Bank has fixed the Premium Rate for a year and the loan processing charges has been set the lowest till date. Moreover, the customer applying for any loan under this scheme can get free Credit Card for a year. Interested customers can apply for these loans from any of the Bank’s Branch Offices. Currently, Himalayan Bank has 68 branches all over the country