Safe Deposit Locker Services

Looking at the varying needs/wants of the Customers, we offer locker facilities with sizes of our Customer’s preference. Customers availing of this facility enjoy not only peace of mind in terms of security of their valuable belongings but also one of the most attractive rates and ease of location.

At present, the Bank offers locker facilities with the following sizes and rates:

Locker Category

Locker Size

Schedule of rate applicable for branches within the valley

Schedule of rate applicable for branches outside the valley

Key Deposit

Annual Locker Rent

Key Deposit

Annual Locker Rent


Above 6,000 Cube Inch

Rs 40,000

Rs 6,500

Rs 20,000

Rs 4,875


Between 3,000 and 6,000 Cube Inch

Rs 30,000

Rs 5,500

Rs 15,000

Rs 4,125


Between 2,000 and 3,000 Cube Inch

Rs 20,000

Rs 4,000

Rs 10,000

Rs 3,000


Between 1,500 and 2,000 Cube Inch

Rs 18,000

Rs 3,500

Rs 9,000

Rs 2,625


Between 1,000 and 1,500 Cube Inch

Rs 12,000

Rs 3,000

Rs 6,000

Rs 2,250


Below 1,000 Cube Inch

Rs 10,000

Rs 2,500

Rs 5,000

Rs 1,875

Key Notes

1. Customer needs to maintain a Savings Account to avail the Safe Deposit Locker Service

2. Annual Locker rent is levied on annual basis and not refundable. Key Deposit is a refundable sum of money that is kept as security. This deposit is taken at the time of locker allotment and shall be retained with the bank till the surrender of the locker by the customer

3. The Locker size varies from branch to branch

4. Late payment Fee – Rs 200 flat (SCHEDULE OF FEES & CHARGES)


1. 25% discount on Annual Rent to the Premium Saving Account (PSA) Holders

2. 50% discount on Annual Rent to the Super Premium Saving Account (SPSA) Holders

3. For Outside Valley Branches, 50% Rebate on the Key Deposit and 25% on Annual Rent to the customers


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