Target Customer

  • Individuals of middle and upper middle class income group with regular, adequate, steady and stable source of income

Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • Any Nepalese Individuals of at least 25 Years of age having stable, steady and reliable source of income from job, rent, pension, remittance supported by the document
  • Age of the applicant and the loan tenure collectively should not exceed sixty five years
  • Must be able to provide unencumbered fixed assets collateral as primary security. The proposed site should have accessible road of at least 8 feet width

Type of Home Loan Scheme

Types of Home Loan


Maximum Financing

Home Loan Purchase

Purchase of house

Purchase of Land alone

75% of purchase Value

60% of purchase Value

Home Loan Construction

Construction of house

100% of cost estimate

Home Loan Extension



100% of cost estimate

Loan Limit

  • Minimum Rs. 0.50 Million (5 Lacs)
  • For purchase of land alone- Maximum Rs. 3.0 Mil. (30 Lacs)

Loan Tenure

  • 3 to 20 Years

Repayment of Home Loan

  • On Equal Monthly Installment (EMI) basis




Upto 10 Years




Above 10 Years

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helpful documents

ID related documents:

Citizenship Certificate of Applicant and property owner

Two Passport size photographs

Legal heir Certificate of property owner (Relationship Certificate)

If income is from Business

Firm/Company Registration/PAN/VAT Registration

Article of Association/Memorandum of Association

Partnership Deed

Tax Clearance Certificate/Tax payment Receipt

Security/Collateral related documents:

Property Title Deed (Lalpurja)

Blue Print of Cadastral Map (Napi Naksa)

Certificate of local government office regarding information of Boundaries (Charkilla)

Approved sketch of the Building

Trace Map

Construction completion certificate (in case of home loan purchase)

Construction permit (for home loan construction/extension)

Baina Patra (Property buy/sell agreement) (in case of home Loan purchase)

Tax clearance of property

Income Source related documents:

Salary Certificate

Rental agreement (if any) with identification of tenant

Profit and Loss Account/Balance Sheet for two Fiscal Years (if business income)

Besides above documents, additional documents may be required on case to case basis as required by the bank management


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