As a step further to help establishment, growth and expansion of small and medium sized enterprises, Himalayan Bank has developed a special loan package meant just to suit small and medium sized enterprises. Business houses coming from industrial, trading and service sector can avail of this facility to meet their short-term and long-term financing needs. This could come in any form- funded or non-funded, depending on specific needs of the business enterprise:

Target Customer

  • Industrial sector such as small and cottage industry
  • Trading , sector such as wholesaler, stockiest, retailers, importers, exporters and suppliers
  • Service sector such as hotel/lodge, restaurants, medical clinics, travel agencies
  • Wholesalers, Retailers, Readymade garments, handicrafts etc

Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • Already established enterprise running for minimum 2 years or new enterprise to be established by individual having proven first hand experience of at least 3 years in similar business entity.
  • Satisfactory Profit margin substantiated by positive cash flow
  • Loan to be secured by Fixed Assets Collateral

Loan Limit

  • Rs. 0.50 Million to Rs. 60.00 Million (5 lacs to 6 crores)

Types of SME Funded Funded Non Funded
Loan Scheme Term Loan

Project Financing, Financing

for Capital Items, Civil

Construction (70% financing)

Working Capital

Overdraft facility,

Demand Loan,

Trust Receipt Loan etc (70% financing)



L/C/ Guarantee

Loan Tenure Maximum 6 Years 1 Year (Renewal on annual basis) -
Loan Repayment On Equal Monthly Installment
(EMI) basis/EQI (Equal
Quarterly Installment (EQI)
Annual Renewal basis -




WC Loan




Fixed Term Loan




Importer's Loan (120 days)

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