The buying and selling of products or services by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium without using paper documents can be termed as electronic commerce. Himalayan Bank is truly delighted to introduce our E-commerce product for the first time in the history of our country whichwill truly revolutionize the way we do business online.

In the initial phase, we are initiating only VISA & MasterCard transactions for E-commerce product. We will add more international card brands like Amex/UnionPay/JCB/SCT etc. in coming days.

E-Commerce FAQs

What Types Of Card Are Accepted On E-Commerce Transaction?

At present we have started with VISA & Master Card but we will be introducing American Express, JCB, UnionPay & SCT in near future.

Do We Have Any Other Banks That Are Doing E-Commerce Transaction In Nepal?

No, we are the first bank to introduce e-commerce transaction in Nepal.

Do We Need To Open Account?

Yes, we have made account compulsory for e-commerce transactions.

What Will Be The Role Of HBL In E-Commerce Transactions?

We will be providing the payment gateway, where cardholder details will be stored in a secure page and route the transactions accordingly.

What Will Be The Payment Mode And Process?

We will credit merchant account after 7 days from the transaction done.

What Is The Time Frame For The Process?

We will provide the integration system to merchant within 10 working days.

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