HBL Internet Banking Services

We, at Himalayan Bank Limited, are pleased and honored that you have chosen to bank with us. We have always ensured innovation and exciting products and services to our valued customers.

Our product - Himal@net (Internet Banking, ARC IB) facilitates access to all your banking needs in a simple and secure environment over the internet, from the comfort of anywhere.

What's impressive is that with minimal charges this product offers you excellent and most advanced secure online banking with two factor authentication.

a. Banking Transaction Feature:

  1. Account to Account Fund Transfer (NPR Accounts Only) - Fund can be transferred from source account to any account of HBL.
  2. Utility Bill Payment
  3. NTC Landline Bill Payment
  4. Subisu Cable Bill Payment

b. Enquiry Feature:

  1. Status of cheque
  2. Loan and advances
  3. Bank Statement
  4. Comprehensive Account Summary
  5. Balance Statement and Transaction details

himal@net is a safe and convenient way to manage your banking accounts from wherever you are.

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Yes, the per day amount limit for fund transfer facility are as follow:

  • For Savings Account – Rs 100,000 per day (maximum 3 transactions per day)
  • For Current Account – Rs 50,00,000 per day

Customers maintaining Savings or Current Account with HBL (must have positive balance in the respective account)

This product offers easy, secure and reliable online banking service to the customers. Features are:

a.Banking Transaction Feature:

  • Account to Account Fund Transfer (NPR Accounts Only) - Fund can be transferred from source account to any account of HBL.
  • Utility Bill Payment
    • -NTC Landline Bill Payment
    • -Subisu Cable Bill Payment

b. Enquiry Feature:

  • Status of cheque
  • Loan and advances
  • Bank Statement
  • Comprehensive Account Summary
  • Balance Statement and Transaction details

Himal@net is the New Internet Banking Product of Himalayan Bank Limited with two factor authentication. The OTP device will be used to acquire this Internet Banking Service.

  • · OTP (One Time Password):

This password is generated by a special device and will be different during each login.

  • · Static Pin:

This Password is manually entered by the customer during the time of registration

Device works as a key to access the internet banking service. The device generates 8 digits password which is used to access the internet banking service. It generates one time password i.e. for each and every access different number will be generated by the device.

  • Subscription Fee – NPR 1000.00 (one time charge)
  • Renewal Fee – NPR 500.00 (per annum)
  • Device Replacement Charge – NPR 1000.00

One can access it whenever required. However, during bank’s end of day processing between 8 pm & 4 am - NST (Nepali Standard Time), you may not be able to access the Internet Banking service.

In case any discrepancies related to internet banking service occurs, one may contact our branches directly or IT Department, Corporate office Kamaladi.

Contact Coordinates of IT Department

Information Technology (IT) Department,

Corporate Building, Kamaladi

Telephone No: +977 – 01 – 4227749, 4246218, 4246219 Ext: 360

Fax No: +977 – 01 - 4258328

Email Id: hblgib@himalayanbank.com

The device is to be taken care of properly by the user. It should be protected from water and shock. If the device does not display number after pressing the key, it means that it has been damaged and has to be replaced by another OTP device. The user has to request with formal application to provide new device which the bank will replace after proper verification and applicable charge of Rs 1000.