HBL Prepaid Card

Visa International Prepaid

This is an option to individuals who want to use card in countries other than Nepal and India. Customers can avail International Prepaid Card against their passport facility, FCY Account and permit issued by NRB. These cards are valid for 4 years and the cardholders can re-load the balance within the expiry period, provided they are eligible for foreign exchange facility. USD Re-loading is allowed only against Passport Facility or FCY Account

Product features are:

  • A secure and convenient payment solution for shopping and payment needs
  • Accepted at every Visa merchant outlets and at Visa accepted ATMs
  • Safe & convenient mode of carrying cash
  • EMV compliant Chip Based secured card
  • No need to open an account
  • Validity of 4 years
  • The loaded amount can be used at any time till card’s expiry
  • No risk as in case of draft or wire transfer
  • Can be used for Online/Internet transaction
  • 24/7 help desk


  • Nepalese individual with Valid Passport & Confirmed Air Ticket, as permitted by NRB can avail HBL Prepaid cards.
  • Nepalese individual maintaining Foreign Currency Account (USD/EUR/GBP) with HBL

Documents required to avail International Prepaid Card

  1. For issuance against Passport Facility
    • Completely filled “Prepaid Card Application Form’ (Link to Downloads)
    • A passport size photograph
    • Passport with valid visa
    • Confirmed Air Ticket
  2. Against HBL Foreign Currency (FCY) Account
    • Completely filled “Prepaid Card Application Form’ (Link to Downloads)
    • A passport size photograph
    • A copy of valid ID

Fees & Charges

helpful documents

  • Helpful Information for this section is coming soon.


The difference between Prepaid Card and Credit Card are:

S.N Card Type Feature/Usage of the Card Amount Limit
1 Prepaid Card Pay now and Use later Limit as per deposit
2 Credit Card Use now and Pay later Preapproved credit limit granted by the bank

Fees and charges are subject to review in time to time.

For information on applicable fees and charges, you may contact any of the HBL branches or you may also speak to our Customer Services Executive at 24/7 help line service at Card Center for the support. Contact Us

HBL issues Prepaid Card of renowned VISA Brand on both domestic and international type. Domestic Prepaid card has wide range of acceptance at all ATMS and POS terminals in Nepal, Bhutan and India. Likewise, Visa International Prepaid card is accepted in 200 countries worldwide.

You can fill a “Prepaid Card Deposit Voucher’ (which is available in any of HBL Branch/Card Center) and deposit the required amount to reload in Pre-Paid Card. You may visit any of the HBL Branch/Card Center to deposit the same.

To withdraw remaining fund you may use any one of HBL ATM or/and for cancellation of the card, you may contact any the nearest branch or may contact our Card Center.